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Volume 13, Issue 2 - ,

A Comparison of Multiple Choice and Likert Scale Type Extension Program Evaluations
Augustin, C.L.

Are You Smarter Than A Farmer: A Multifaceted, Interactive Approach to Agricultural Education in Alabama
Kelton, J. A.; Kelley, K.; Rabinowitz, A.; Runge, M.; Sawadgo, W.

Assessing the Needs of the Agriculture & Natural Resources Industry in Coshocton County, Ohio
Marrison, D. L.

Determining if Zoom™ is an Appropriate Social Distancing Educational Tool During COVID-19
Emm, S. ; Chichester, L.; Restanio, C.; Kratsch, H.; Bishop, C.

Examining Trends in Pulmonary Arterial Pressure (PAP) of Black Angus, Red Angus, Hereford, and Simmental Yearling Bulls Enrolled in the Utah Beef Improvement Association Bull Performance Test
Chapman, C. K.; Garcia, M.D.; Walburger, M.T.

Improving Russian Olive Control By Using Basal Bark Treatments Combined with Mechanical Removal
Patterson, R. K.; Price, S.J.; Ransom, C.V.

Lemus, R. ; Rivera, J.D.; Han, K.J.; Fox, A.A.A

Money Doesn’t Always Matter, Low Cost Ways to Increase the Longevity of Southern Idaho’s Hispanic Agricultural Employees
Thomas, J. ; Packham, J.; Ghimire, N.

On-Farm Furrow Irrigation Technology Demonstrations in Louisiana
Conger, S. L. D. ; Frazier, R. L.; Garner, B.; Burns, D.; Lee, D. R.; Miller, K.

Prescription Manure: Adding Nitrogen to Increase Liquid Manure Nutrient Content
Arnold, G.

Sixth-year oak regeneration in bottomland hardwood shelterwood cuts in Mississippi
Self, B.

Soil Myth Busting for Extension Educators: Reviewing the Literature on Soil Nutrition
Chalker-Scott, L. ; Downer, A.J.

The effect of estradiol 17-beta or zeranol implants on the performance of beef steers grazing ryegrass.
Jones, O. T. ; Guelker, L. D.; Rivera, J. D.

Using Hybrid Learning to Grow the Idaho Master Gardener Program and Adapt to the COVID-19 Environment
Werlin, J. ; West, A.; Findlay, R.; Ghimire, N.