Journal of the NACAA
ISSN 2158-9429

Volume 14, Issue 2

4-H Rangeland Skill-A-Thon Makes Impact on Youth
Henderson, B. ; Baker, S.; Dalton, N.; Ghimire, N.; Rickman, J.; Roland, T.; Silkwood, G.; Willmore, C.

Barnyards and Backyards Live!
Vardiman, J. ; Edwards, J.; Thompson, J.

Changes in Behavior of Local Meat Consumers Due to COVID-19 in Nevada
Emm, S. ; Carol Bishop; Katherine Lacy; Lindsay Chichester; Malieka Bordigioni

Comparison of Struvite to Mono-ammonium Phosphate for Alfalfa Production at Commercial Alfalfa Farms: A Case Study
Harrison, J.H.; Fullerton, K.; Morgon, L.; Norberg, S; Whitefield, E.

Evaluation of Grazing or Reduced Feeding Frequency Supplementation Systems for Wintering Cow-Calf Pairs
Mason, K.M.; Elmore, J. ; Jacobs, J.L.; Kelley, K.; Mullenix, M.K.

Impact of Solar Energy on a Naturally Ventilated Swine Building
Zoller, C. ; Romich, E.

Information Accessibility and Resource Usage by Aquaponic Stakeholders
Pattillo, D.A.; Cline, D.J.; Hager, J.V.; Hanson, T.R.; Roy, L.A.

Knowledge Levels and Training Needs of Aquaponic Stakeholders
Pattillo, D.A.; Cline, D.J.; Hager, J.V.; Hanson, T.R.; Roy, L.A.

Master Gardener Preferences for Training Program Delivery
Wagner, K. ; Schaible, C.

Measuring Air Quality in Broiler Breeder Houses in Georgia
Chai, L. ; Dunkley, C.; Ritz, C. W.

Myth Busting for Extension Educators: Reviewing the Literature on Pruning Woody Plants
Chalker-Scott, L. ; Downer, A.J.

Plan the Garden, Preserve the Harvest!
Usabel, N. ; Ghimire, N.; Greenway, S.; Jensen, J.; Robertson, A.

Volume 14, Issue 1

4-H/FFA Turkey Dressing Percentage Calculation Tool
Dallin, J. ; Greenhalgh, L.; Hadfield, J.A.; Hadfield, J.L.; Larsen, R.; Pace, M.; Smith, J.; Sulser, A.; Taylor, K.

Annual Ryegrass Response to Seasonal RyZup Smartgrass® Application
Lemus, R. ; Cox, M; Rivera, J.D.

Assessing The Educational Needs Of New And Beginning Urban Farmers In New Orleans, Louisiana
Coleman, M.A.; Bampasidou, M.; McKinzie, W.R. ; Motsenbocker, C.E.

Biochar Effects on Tomato and Melon Productivity and Phytophthora Crown Rot
Murray, M. S.

Determining Master Gardener Volunteer Management Competencies for Extension Agents
Yow, Z. ; Denny, M.D.; Downey, L.; Wilson, J.

Educating Traditional Clientele with Non-Traditional Methods: Virtual Agriculture Production Meetings Engage Producers and Measure COVID-19 Impacts at the Farm Level
Kness, A.A.; Beale, B.E.; Butler, B.R.; Crowl, E.N.; Dill, S.P.; Hirsh, S.M.; Leslie, A.W.; Myers, R.D; Nichols, K.M.; Rhodes, J.L.; Wang, C.; Zobel, E.

Evaluation of Ruminal Net Wrap Accumulation in Cows Fed Ground Hay
Harty, A. ; Olson, K.; Salverson, R.

Incorporating Mental Health CEU’s in Statewide Virtual Pesticide Workshops
Wray, P.; Dallin, J.; Hadfield, J.A.; Howard, T.; Ward, C.; Weirda, M.

Managing Piute Ground Squirrels in Cropland in Southwest Utah
Nelson, M. ; Nicky Frey

Peer Writing Groups as Productivity, Research, and Support Networks for Extension Agents
Brooke, C. T.; Martin, J.M.; Short, R.A.

Peer-Based Working Groups for Teaching Best Management Practices to Beef Producers
Mullenix, M.K.; Jacobs, J.L; Marks, M.L.; Miller, D.S.; Stanford, M.K.; Thompson, G.L.; Vining, T.P.

Performance of Cattle Grazing Stockpiled Tall Fescue as Late Fall Supplemental Forage in the Upper Southern USA
Lemus, R. ; White, J.A.

Preliminary Evaluation of Two Industrial Hemp Cultivars: Suitability for Production, Agronomic Traits, and Performance
Komar, S. J.; William Bamka

Southeast Region Needs Assessment for a Food Safety Regulation and Certification Curriculum for Extension Agents
Laurel L. Dunn; Camila Rodrigues; Kevin Burkett; Kristin Woods

Sugarcane Production School Established for the Louisiana Sugar Industry
Orgeron, A.J.; Cater, M.W.; Deliberto, M.A.; Gravois, K.A.; Salassi, M.E.; Wilson, B.E.

Superweeds on Mars: Theoretical Potentials for Present-day Superweeds to Become the Primary Crops of the Red Planet’s First Colonists
Deever, D.

Sustainable fungicide and nitrogen management to malting barley
Clark, J. ; Duley, C.

SY Wolf Winter Wheat Responses to RyzUp SmartGrass® Application at Third Leaf Stage in East Central Nebraska
Rethwisch, M. D.; Peterson, T. E.

The Impact of Feed Efficiency and Marbling on Calfhood Behavior and Weaning Management
Duggin, J.; Hammond, K. ; Lourenco, J.; Pringle, D; Ray, L.; Stewart, L.

Utilizing "Teaser" Promotions to Gauge Interest in Extension Programs
Mills, R. ; Agenbroad, A.; Ball, S.; Boone, K; Ridout, M.

Washington State AgrAbility: Building a New Extension Program During COVID-19
Mcmoran, D. W.; Bachtel, S.; Seymour, K.; Thorstenson, S.; VanValkenburg, K.

Volume 13, Issue 2

A Comparison of Multiple Choice and Likert Scale Type Extension Program Evaluations
Augustin, C.L.

Are You Smarter Than A Farmer: A Multifaceted, Interactive Approach to Agricultural Education in Alabama
Kelton, J. A.; Kelley, K.; Rabinowitz, A.; Runge, M.; Sawadgo, W.

Assessing the Needs of the Agriculture & Natural Resources Industry in Coshocton County, Ohio
Marrison, D. L.

Determining if Zoom™ is an Appropriate Social Distancing Educational Tool During COVID-19
Emm, S. ; Bishop, C.; Chichester, L.; Kratsch, H.; Restanio, C.

Examining Trends in Pulmonary Arterial Pressure (PAP) of Black Angus, Red Angus, Hereford, and Simmental Yearling Bulls Enrolled in the Utah Beef Improvement Association Bull Performance Test
Chapman, C. K.; Garcia, M.D.; Walburger, M.T.

Improving Russian Olive Control By Using Basal Bark Treatments Combined with Mechanical Removal
Patterson, R. K.; Price, S.J.; Ransom, C.V.

Lemus, R. ; Fox, A.A.A; Han, K.J.; Rivera, J.D.

Money Doesn’t Always Matter, Low Cost Ways to Increase the Longevity of Southern Idaho’s Hispanic Agricultural Employees
Thomas, J. ; Ghimire, N.; Packham, J.

On-Farm Furrow Irrigation Technology Demonstrations in Louisiana
Conger, S. L. D. ; Burns, D.; Frazier, R. L.; Garner, B.; Lee, D. R.; Miller, K.

Prescription Manure: Adding Nitrogen to Increase Liquid Manure Nutrient Content
Arnold, G.

Sixth-year oak regeneration in bottomland hardwood shelterwood cuts in Mississippi
Self, B.

Soil Myth Busting for Extension Educators: Reviewing the Literature on Soil Nutrition
Chalker-Scott, L. ; Downer, A.J.

The effect of estradiol 17-beta or zeranol implants on the performance of beef steers grazing ryegrass.
Jones, O. T. ; Rivera, J. D. ; Guelker, L. D.

Using Hybrid Learning to Grow the Idaho Master Gardener Program and Adapt to the COVID-19 Environment
Werlin, J. ; Findlay, R.; Ghimire, N.; West, A.

Volume 13, Issue 1

A Comparison of Genetic Abnormality Frequencies in a Population of Utah Commercial Market and Show Hogs
Dallin, J. ; Garcia, M.; Greenhalgh, L.; Hadfield, J.; Heaton, K.; Nelson, M.; Smith, J.; Sulser, A.

Abscisic Acid And Gibberellic Acid Applications Increase Cluster Looseness Without Any Major Effects On Fruit Composition Or Return Bloom Of ‘Chardonnay’ Grape In Southern New Jersey
Gohil, H. L.; Ward D.

Determining Irrigation Scheduling for Vegetable Crops Using the Blue Dye Test
Hollifield, S.; Candian, J.S.; da Silva, A.L.B.R.

Determining Quality and Performance of Cool Season Pasture Grasses at High Elevation in Eastern Idaho
Sagers, J. ; Glenn Shewmaker; J. Reed Findlay; Jan Burr; Jon Hogge; Justin Hatch; Kevin Jensen; Ron Roemer

Developing Effective Extension Programming for On-Farm Direct Marketing Operations Using Case-Study Assessments
Bamka, W.; Infante-Casella, M. ; Komar, S.; Melendez, M. ; Schilling, B.

Effectiveness of Regional Beef Newsletter
Ball, S. ; Dyas, E.; Jensen, S.

Effects of Long-Term Fiddlehead Harvest on Ostrich Fern, Matteuccia struthiopteris
Fuller, D.

Effects of Vegetative Windbreaks on Dispersal of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza- A Review of Literature
Sames, A.; Current, D.; Janni, K.; Noll, S.; Wyatt, G. J.; Zamora, D.

Engaging Minnesota Youth in Agronomy
Goplen, J. J.; McNeill, B.

Equine Event Biosecurity Policy for Utah 4-H
Hoopes, K. ; Allen. S. ; Anderson, K; Jessie Hadfield; Megan Hendrickson

Evaluating Change in Performance of Black Angus, Red Angus, Hereford and Simmental Bulls Enrolled in the Utah Beef Improvement Association Bull Performance Test
Chapman, C. K.; Garcia, M.D.; Kunzler, M.

Evaluating Perceived Benefits of a Long-Running Extension Program: Lessons from a Regional Restoration-Based Conference
Dettenmaier, M.; Dupéy, L.N.; Kuhns, M.; McAvoy, D.

Evaluating Planting Date for Interseeding Cover Crops Into Corn for Silage
Hogge, J. ; Hines. S; Packham, J ; Willmore, C

Evaluating Thrips Damage on Idaho Alfalfa Crops
Findlay, J.R. ; Hogge, J.; Leslie, M.; Reitz, S.; Sagers, J.; Thomas, J.

Evaluation of Cover Crop Seeding Rate and Soil Type on Soybean Production with Potential Economic Impacts
Gentry, D.S.; Adusumilli, N.; Fultz, L.

Smith, D. ; Hall, J.

Livestock Waste Management and Water Quality Youth Education
Hadfield, J.A.; Dallin, J.; Hadfield, J.L.; Perkins, D.

Pawpaw Cultivar Evaluation: 2007-2019
Cantaluppi, C.J. ; Coley, J.W.

Majumdar, A. ; Balusu, R.R.; Chambliss, A.; Fadamiro, H.

Re-designing Tractor and Machinery Safety Curriculum for Women in Agriculture and Young Agricultural Workers
Jepsen, S. D.; Walls, K.

Study of Pesticide Applicator Education Reveals Worker Learning Preferences
Mayes, I.A.; Holyoke, L.B.

Teaching Youth Entrepreneurship Through Small Ruminant Value Added Commodities: A Pilot Study
Travis, A. ; Ketterman, J.; Schoenian, S.; Semler, J.; Wang, C.

Using Webinars to Provide Continuing Education Opportunities for Master Gardener Volunteers
Edmunds, B.

Utah TRAPs - An Online Tool for Weather and Pest Information
Murray, M.S.

Virtual Reality for Extension Education and Learner Engagement
Beam, B. ; Hawkins, E.

Yield and Handle Quality of Twenty-One Carving Pumpkin Varieties
Butzler, T. ; Elkner, T.E.; Lamont Jr., W.; Pollock, R.; Sánchez, E.S.

Volume 12, Issue 2

Alfalfa in the South Workshop Series: Increasing Acreage through Education
Tucker, J. J.; Hancock, D.W.; Hendricks, T.J.; Mason, K.B.; Mullenix M.K.; Prevatt, C.G.

Anthelmintic Resistance on Commercial Sheep Farms in the Southeastern US
Schoenian, S. ; Howell, S.; O'Brien, D.; Whitley, N.

Developing a Successful On-Farm Research Program
Zoller, C. ; Custer, S.; Fulton, J.; Hawkins, E.; Richer, E.

Developing a Volunteer Handbook for a University's Arboretum and Learning Gardens
Londo, A. J.; Rodriguez, M.T.; Scheer, S.D.; Tekle, T. M.

Development of a UAS-based Insect Scouting Method
Neufeld, J ; Barbour, J; Ryu, J

Development of an Index to Rank Ryegrass Varieties for Milk Production or Beef Gains Potential
Downing, T. W.; Ates, S.; Cruickshank, J.

Do Oyster Gardening Programs Lead to Knowledge Changes?
Waters Jr., P. L.; Petrolia, D. R.; Walton, W. C.

Does Cooperative Extension have a Role to Play in County Emergency Management and/or Disaster Preparedness?
Chichester, L. M.; Emm, S.

How Should We Analyze Likert Item Data?
Mangiafico, S.S.

Impact of a Drag Hose on Grain Yield of Corn
Arnold, G.

Instrumental Insemination and Semen Cryopreservation: Can Honey Bees be Selectively Bred Like Cattle?
Mills, S.

Instrumental Insemination and Semen Cryopreservation: Can We Selectively Breed Honey Bees Like We Do Cattle?
Mills, S.

Longleaf Pine Seedling 6-Month and 1-Year Survival for Containerized and Bare-Root Seedlings on Common Planting Densities in Sandy Soils
Heaton, W. C.; Bean, R. C.

Participant Perspectives of the Virginia Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program’s Success
Vines, K. ; Bullard, S. S.; Kuri, S. K.; Woodford, H.

Seed Starting Component of the USU Extension Master Gardener Program in Salt Lake County, Utah
Wagner, K.

Soil Biological Response to Best Management Practices
Sundermeier, A. ; Shedekar, V.S.

Soil Myth Busting for Extension Educators: Reviewing the Literature on Soil Structure and Functionality
Chalker-Scott, L. ; Downer, A.J.

Using a Socioecological Strategy for Exploring Local Food Barriers
Hopkins, K. M.; Kantor, D. J., Ph. D.

Using a SWOT Analysis to Analyze and Set Priorities for a Community Food System
Painter, K.

Volume 12, Issue 1

Building Agricultural Literacy Programs through STEM Education
Coffey, P. ; Brown, V. ; Ridgeway, B.

Case Study Evaluating Collection Technique and Sample Handling on Nematode Analysis
Burdine, B.

Evaluation of Low-Cost, Non-Invasive Hive Monitoring Tools for Overwintering Honeybee Hives
Jones, K. M.; Kephart, R.; Slocum, D.L.; Storm, A.; Thomas, A.; Wicker, R.

Extreme Weather Events and Risk Management Options for Family Forests
Henderson, J.; Gordon, J.

Farmers Market Consumers’ Perceptions of Heritage Breed Chickens
Dasgupta, S.; Bryant, R.C.; Jacob, J.; Pescatore, A.; Wright, A

Generating Data-Based Recommendations for Pastured Broiler Producers
Knight, C. ; Anderson, G.; Hatley, J.

Growing Gardens One Tomato (TM) at a Time
Coffin, D.

High-Quality Cereal Rye Silage as a Forage Alternative for Lactating Dairy Cows
Caputo Oliveira, R.; Akins, M.; Binversie, L.; Johnson, H.; Shaver, R.; Shelley, K.

Late-Planting of Annual Ryegrass in the Upper Transition Zone of Alabama
Marks, M. L.; Bloodworth, J.; Kriese-Anderson, L.A.; McElmoyl, C.; Mullenix, M.K.; Stanford, M.K.

Learning and Research Beyond the Fence
Hutchinson, M.; Martineau, E

Market Assessment for Value-Added Frozen Vegetable and Fruit Sales at a Farmers Market
Bramwell, S. G.; Debien, S.

Marketing Locally-Grown Fish to Restaurants: Results from Kentucky and Ohio
Bryant, R.C.; Caporelli, A.; Dasgupta, S.; Tiu, L.; Wright, A.

Multi-modal Approach to Promote Best Management Practices in New Jersey Vineyards.
Gohil, H.; Oudemans, P.; Pavlis, G.; Ward, D.

Preparing Agritourism and Direct Marketing Operations for Emergencies
Jepsen, S. D.; Barrett, E. E.

Results of a Needs Assessment of Urban Farmers in Maryland
Little, N. G.; Dill, S. P.; McCoy, T.; Wang, C

Small Farm Food Marketing in Southern Nevada: Where Are the Roadside Stands?
Bishop, C. ; Gatzke, H.

Soil Moisture Meters Influence Landscape Water Use
Muntz, H. E.; Gunnell, J.; Walker, A.

Summer Stockpiling: A Systems Approach to Extending Grazing
Benner, J. K.; Booher, M.R.; Clark, R.A. ; Fiske, D.

Understanding Soil Compaction: A Program for Master Gardeners
Yergeau, S.

Using Crop Water Demand-Based Irrigation Scheduling to Improve Cabbage Irrigation Management in Georgia
da Silva, A.L.B.R.; Carlson, D. S.; Coolong, T.; Gay, W.; Krupek, F.S.; Shealey, J.

Utah Agricultural 4-H College and Career Readiness Model
Dallin, J.; Romney, K.

Volume 11, Issue 2

A Comparison of Two Years of E. Coli (Escherichia coli) Samples on Utah's Fremont River
Wilde, T.

A Way to Approach Farmer Consultations: Guiding Farmers to Their Own Solutions
Forstadt, L.A.; Jackson, T.L.; Sadauckas, A.

Are Infusions from Aquatic Invasive Plants More Attractive to Egg-laying Mosquitoes than Infusions from Native Plants?
Rector-Woods, P. ; Mangiafico, S.S.; Nitzsche, P.J.; Rosellini, M.; Ross, D.

Canola and Calves: An Integrated Crop-Livestock Farming System for Producing Canola and Stocker Cattle in the Southeast
Ingram, S.; Dillard, L.; Hancock, D.; Stewart, R.L., Jr.

Comparing Broadcast and Conventional Drill Methods for Seeding Winter Wheat
Hines, S.

Conventionally or Organically Grown Peaches: What a Farmers Market Taste Test Tells Us
Olsen, S. ; Wagner, K.

Current Issues of Highbush Blueberry Producers with Pick-Your-Own Operations in the Northeastern United States
Boone, D. A; Blythe, J. M.; Boone Jr., H. N. ; Gould, B. T. ; Woloshuk, J. M.

Development of the Rutgers On-Farm Food Safety Team
Melendez, M. V.; Kline, W.; Matthews, J.

Ecologically Focused Forest Management Programing for Non-Industrial Private Forest Landowners
Warren, W. A.

Evaluation of a Vertical Garden Education Program
Yergeau, S. ; Emhardt-Servidio, S.; Greene, A.; Pellien, T.

Extension Education Enhances Knowledge and Use of Nursery Plant Production BMPS
Yeager, T. ; Campoverde, E.; Felter, L.; Gazula, A.; Glenn, M.; Harlow, E.; Hinton, J.; Holmes, D.; Lollar, M.; McAvoy, C.; Popenoe, J.; Skvarch, E.; Steed, S.; Wiggins, Z.

Fecal Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) and the Nutrition Balance Analyzer (NUTBAL) Case Study in South Dakota
Harty, A. A.; Olson, K.C.

Floriculture College of Knowledge Online Course Series: Demographics and Impact
Lindberg, H. M.; Cloyd, R. A. ; Runkle, E.S.

Garden Myth Busting for Extension Educators: Reviewing the Literature on Landscape Trees
Chalker-Scott, L. ; Downer, A.J.

Incorporating Evaluation into Program Development Processes for Women in Ag Conferences
Schultz, M. M.; de la Mora, A. ; Hyde, C.J.

Learning the Importance of Livestock Quality Assurance Through Hands-on Training
Small, M. ; Findlay, R.; Nash, S.

Sidedressing Emerged Corn with Liquid Swine Manure Using a Drag Hose
Arnold, G. ; Custer, S.; Richer, E.

Southern Women in Agriculture: Women Teaching Women Hands-on, Practical Farming Practices.
Knight, C.; Butcher, S.; Cheely, T.; Hammond, K.; Ray, L.; Sapp, P.; Stewart, R.L., Jr.; Tucker, J.

The Impacts of Improving a County Based Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic
Barrett, E. E.

Using Sticky Traps to Control Flea Beetles on Two Ohio Urban Farms
Jasinski, J. ; Kowalski, J.

Utilizing American Indian Traditional Foods and Language to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Nevada’s Rural Elementary School Population
Emm, S. ; Bishop, C.; Harris, J.

Why Aren't Calf Management Records Kept by More Beef Producers?
Raper, Kellie Curry; Derrell Peel; Doye, Damona

Volume 11, Issue 1

A Survey Of Maine’s Wild and Cultivated Elderberries for Tomato Ringspot Virus
Jackson, T. L.

Activities to Determine Interest in Master Floral Designer Certification Programming
DelPrince, J. ; Knight, P.

Addressing Soil Acidity on Nez Perce Tribe Agricultural Lands
Finkelnburg, D.C.; Schroeder, K.L.

Application of Rejuvenation Pruning in Mature Rabbiteye Blueberries (Vaccinium ashei)
Randle, A.

Challenges Perceived by West Virginia University Extension Agents
Boone, D. A; Boone Jr., H. N.; Smith, C. N.; Woloshuk, J. M.

Effect Of Undergraduate Participation In An Equine-Focused Organization On Employment Expectations
Walker, N. ; Cater, M.; Leatherwood, J.

Effectiveness of On-farm Classes for Addressing Farmer Training and Farmer Networking Needs
Bramwell, S. G.

Effects of a Urea Based Hay Injection Treatment on Beef Cow Hay Intake and Forage Quality
Rivera, J.D.; Lemus, R.; White, J.A.

Exploring the Potential Benefit of an Equine Riding Program for Veterans and Their Families
Hoopes, K. ; Schultz, J.

Measuring Extension's Impact on Commercial Poultry Production
Rhodes, J. L.; Dill, S. P.; McCoy, T.; Moyle, J. R.; Tablante, N. L.; Wang, C.

The Gardener's Almanac - Timely Tips for the Yard and Garden
Gunnell, J. ; Goodspeed, J.L.; Pace, M.; Whitesides

Using Copper Oxide Wire Particles to Control Barber Pole Worm Infection in Meat Goat Bucks
Schoenian, S. ; Bennett, M.; Gordon, D.; O'Brien, D. ; Semler, J.

Whole-Farm Planning Models for Assessing Inter-Generational Transition
Rosburg, B.; Griffin, T.W.

Year-round Control of Russian Olive Using the Cut-Stump Treatment
Patterson, R. K.; Price, S.; Worwood, D. R.

Volume 10, Issue 2

An Assessment of Whole Farm Nutrient Balance on Mid-Atlantic Horse Farms
Swinker, A. ; Harper, M. T.; Kniffen, D. M.

Annie’s Project Farm and Ranch Business Management Course for Women Created Positive Impacts in 14 States
Schultz, M. M.; de la Mora, A., Ph.D. ; Eggers, T. R. ; Hyde, C. J. ; Leibold, K. L.

Effects of High Tunnel and Tile Drainage on the Yield and Ripening Time of Mature Northern Highbush Blueberries in Ohio
Gao, G. Y.; Harker, T.; Islam, K.R.; Lewis, W.; Slaughter, M.R.; Worley, C.T.; Xia, Y.; Zhou, L.

Establishing Cooperative Extension Directions for Arizona Beef Producer Programs
Wright, A. D.; Faulkner, D. B.; Greene, E. A.

Evaluating Local and Distance Delivery on the Kenai Peninsula
Matney, C.A.

Identifying Equine-Related Cooperative Extension Program Priorities in Arizona via a Statewide Survey
Greene, E.A. ; Wright, A.D.

Impact of Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training (FACT) Programs on Producer Perceptions and Practices in Ohio
Griffith, M. ; Douridas, A.; Lentz, E.; Rose, M.; Schoenhals, J.

Improving the scientific literacy of university volunteers who work with adult audiences
Chalker-Scott, L. ; Daniels, C.H.

On-Farm Plot Results from Sidedressing Corn with Liquid Livestock Manure Using a Tanker
Arnold, G. ; Custer, S.; Noggle, S.; Richer, E.; Stachler, J.

Prevalence of Genetic Defects in Market Show Hogs in Utah
Dallin, J. ; Greenhalgh, L.; Heaton, K. ; Perkins, D.

The Effects of Soil Conservation Practices on Selected Soil Health Indicators
Sundermeier, A.

Timing Mechanical Weed Control in Pastures
Landefeld, M. A.; McCutcheon, J.S.; Penrose, C.D.; Wiseman, T.

Using Microbial Inoculants to Improve Fermentation and Nutritive Value of Annual Ryegrass Baleage
Lemus, R. ; Rivera, J.D.; White. J.A.

Volume 10, Issue 1

A Comprehensive Monitoring Study of Spotted Wing Drosophila (Drosophila Suzukii) in Multiple Fruit Plantings And A Woodlot Near Piketon, Ohio
Gao, Y. G.; Scurlock, D.M.; Slaughter, M.R.; Worley, C.T.

An Extension Educator’s Guide to Increasing Utilization of Irrigation Scheduler Mobile
McMoran, D. W.

Assessing Research and Education Needs to Improve Equine Gastrointestinal Health
Coffin, D. ; Biddle, A.; Causey, R.; Gradil, C.; Lichtenwalner, A. ; McKeever, K.; Nadeau, J.; Sanchez, A.; Staniar, B.; Williams, C.

Blended Learning: Connecting Expertise and Building Networks in Rural Communities
Silkwood, G. ; Dolecheck, Suzann Hagan; Hamilton, Melissa; Kinder, Cindy; Young, Montessa

Can Forage Producers Gain More from Oat Harvest Management by Targeting Greater Dry Matter?
Han, K.; Alison, W.; Harrison, S.; Smith, D.; Twidwell, E.

Carcass Calculator App: A Quick and Effective Way to Determine Carcass Cutability and Quality of Beef, Lamb and Pork Carcasses
Smith, S. M.; Busboom, J. R

Cold Tolerance of Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) Stocks in South Carolina
Heaton, W. C.; Bridges, W. C.; McQueen, A. D.; Rodgers, J. H.

Marketing Weaned Calves through the Central Calf Pool: An Economic Analysis
Friend, D. P.; Loyd, B.M.

Maryland Eastern Shore Agriculture Needs Assessment
Dill, S. P.; McCoy, T.; Miller, J.O. ; Rhodes, J.L.

Promotion of Specialty Crops Through Demonstration Gardens and 4-H Youth Programs
Francis, D.; Beddes, Taun

Selling Live Heritage Breed Poultry To Hispanics
Raab, D.; Bryant, R.C.; Dasgupta, S.; Jacob, J.; Kelso, J.; Pescatore, A.; Wright, A. D.

Volume 9, Issue 2

A Model for Professional Development: Annie’s Project National Educator Conferences
Schultz, M.M.; Anderson, M.J.

Beef Basics: An online short course for beef cattle farmers
Mullenix, M.K.; Anderson, L.K.; Marks, L.; Rodning, S.P.; Tigue, A.; Tucker, J.J.

Beef Retailer Perception of Consumer Purchasing Habits
Blair, A.D.; Anderson, J.; Johnson, J.E.; Underwood, K.R.; Zuelly, S.M.S.

Developing high-quality, low-cost online training materials for adult learners
Daniels, C. H.; Miller, Megan M.

Financing Alternatives for Beginning Cow/Calf Operations
Doye, D. ; Sahs, R.

Measuring pH and Water Activity in Cured Reduced Oxygen Packaged Snack Sticks
Theisen, M.; Schweihofer, J.P.

Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network Delivers Strategic IPM Information to Agricultural and Urban Audiences
Neufeld, J. ; Agenbroad, A; Guggenheim, R.; Hirnyck, R.

Production Potential of Teff Grass as a Forage Crop in Mississippi
Lemus, R. ; White, J.A.

Soil quality and nutrient levels in new and established high tunnels in Maine
Fitzgerald, C.B. ; Hutton, M.

Ten-Year Replicated Asparagus Cultivar Evaluation Summary
Cantaluppi, C. J.

Whole Farm Analysis with Crop Enterprise Budgets
Flanders, A.

Volume 9, Issue 1

A Successful Youth Beef Exhibitor Program: Reviewing History, Industry Milestones, Education, and 35 Years of Carcass Excellence
Llewellyn, D. A.; Driver, J. P.; Neibergs, J. S.; Sero, R.; Smith, J.; Walker, E.

An Annual Precision Agriculture Field Day on the Delmarva
Miller, J. O.; Dill, S.; Fiorellino, N.; McGrath, J.; Rhodes, J.

Application of Overseeded Tropical Legumes for Enhanced Utilization of Summer Grass Pasture in the Deep South Region of the USA
Han, K.J.; Twidwell, E.K.

Beyond the Workshop: Continuing Estate and Transfer Plan Development by Providing Technological Resources
Melendez, M. V.; Brumfield, R.; Carleo, J.; O'neill, B.; Polanin, N.

Case Study: Influence of Fall Liquid Protien Supplementation on Performance of Beef Cows Grazing Native Range
Llewellyn, D. A.; Marston, T. T.

Comparing Fertilizer Additives Applied to Urea for Stockpiling Orchardgrass
Landefeld, M. A.; Penrose, C.

Cooperative Extension and Neighbors: Adoption of Rain Gardens
Rector, P.; Obropta, C.C.

Cover Crops Demonstration Project in North Central Idaho
Finkelnburg, D.F.; Church, J.A.; Hart, K.N.

Eat Well Volunteers Program Takes Feeding the Hungry to a New Level
Peronto, M.; Yerxa, K.

Effect of High Tunnel Pest Exclusion System on Two Natural Enemies
Majumdar, A.; Chambliss, A.

Guidance for Directors and Leaders of Agricultural Organizations in New Jersey
Infante-Casella, M.; Schilling, B.

Proven Strategies to Maximize Profits to Cow-Calf Producers
Doye, Damona; DeVuyst, Eric; Lalman, David; Raper, Kellie

Results of a Legal Issue Survey to Farmland Leasing Workshop Attendees in Ohio
Hall, P. K.; Ward, B.

The Pawpaw: An Emerging Specialty Crop
Cantaluppi, C. J.

Using a Community Partner to Help Assess Extension Program Needs
Caron, M.; Linden Greenhalgh; Stephen Ashton

Wheat Yield Results from Top-dressing with Liquid Swine Manure
Arnold, G.; Douridas, A.

Yield and Fruit-Size Distribution of 17 Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) Cultivars Grown in Northern Utah
Beddes, T; Caron, M; Drost, D.; Lauritzen, E.; Miner, D.

Volume 8, Issue 2

A Comparison of Beginning Farmer Needs Assessments
Dill, S. P.; Beale, B.; Hanson, J.; Shear, H.

Case Study: Evaluating Farm Processed Canola and Camelina Meals as Protein Supplements for Beef Cattle
Llewellyn, D. A.; Fransen, S. C.; Kimura, E.; Neibergs, J. S.; Norberg, O. S.; Rohwer, G.

Changing The Way of Thinking For Sheep And Goat Producers; From Hobby to Profitability in West Central Missouri
Cahill, N.; Jaster, S.

Corn Yield Results from Sidedressing with Liquid Livestock Manure
Arnold, G.J.

Early-Use Evaluation Metrics of an Extension Beef Cattle Management Website
Mullenix, M. K.; Forte, E. M.; Hartley, J. O.

Funding Restructuring between County and ExtensionSectors of Staff Concern
McMoran, D. W.; Diane Smith; Doug Stienbarger; Kate Seymour

Genesis of the Salt Lake County Jail Horticulture Program - 5 Years and Growing
Wagner, K.M.

Hydroponic Barley Fodder Feed Tests on Replacement Rams and Ewes
Sulser, A.

Managing for Today and Tomorrow: An Effective Transition Planning Course for Farm and Ranch Women
Schultz, Madeline M.; Anderson, Mandi J.; Eggers, Timothy; Hambleton, Ruth; Leibold, Kelvin

Monetary Estimates of Feral Hog Damage to Agricultural Producers in Louisiana
Tanger, S.M.; Guidry, K.M.; Nui, H.

Surveying Soil Health with the Solvita CO2 Respiration Test
Sciarappa, W.; Barresi, R.; Murphy, S.; Quinn, V.

The Evolving Role of Cooperative Extension in Utah's Central Bull Performance Test: A Case Study
Chapman, C. K.

The Impact of 4-H Judging Team Participation on Career and Life Skills
Boone, D. A.; Anderson, E. H.; Boone, H. N.; Woloshuk, J. M.

The Panhandle Butterfly House Expands Environmental Awareness
Derrick, M. L.

USDA Certified Processing of Livestock and Poultry in Selected Counties: An Initial Evaluation of Feasibility and Need
Harman, M.B.

Utilizing Urease Inhibitors With Urea To Stockpile Fescue
Penrose, C.; Landefeld, M.; McCutcheon, J.

Western Wheatgrass in Windrows versus Stockpiling
Matney, C.

Volume 8, Issue 1

Greening the Department of Public Works Facility
Rector, P.; Christopher C. Obropta

High Tunnel Pest Exclusion System: Laboratory and Field Experiences
Majumdar, A. Z.; Ann Chambliss; Steve Carpenter; Will Mastin

Impacts of Farm Tractor Safety Training for Youth & Adults in Southern Maine
Brzozowski, R.

Management Structure Impact on Economic Success of Farmers Markets
Scott, H. R.; Boone, D. A.; Boone, H. N., Jr.; Brown, C.

Management Structure Impact on Economic Success of Farmers Markets
Scott, H. R.; Boone, D. A.; Boone, H. N.; Brown, C

Mediating Socio-political Barriers to Water Quality Improvement in Surface Water on Grazed Wildlands
Hudson, T.D.

More Maine Meat
Coffin, D.; Kersbergen, R.

Non-Linear Presentations with Sozi and Prezi
Mangiafico, S.

The Effect of Winter Forage Planting Methods on Water Quality in a Beef Cattle Grazing System
Morgan, D.; Gentry, G.T.; Gurie, J.

Weed Control in Bermudagrass: Effect on Biomass Production and Quality
Lemus, R.; White, J.A.

Whats in a Name: Updating Extension Programs as Part of a Marketing Strategy
Kushla, J.D.; Gordon, J.S.; Londo, A.J.

Women Are From Venus: Unique Programming Needs & Challenges of Women Farmers
Blazek, J.; Kirkpatrick, J.; Sterry, R.; Wantoch, K.

Volume 7, Issue 2

Building a Successful Field Night through Collaboration
Bruynis, C. L.; Bergefurd, B.; Dugan, D.A.; Fisher, J.; Grimes, J.; Wells, K

Coordinating Effective Professional Development Projects
Brzozowski, R.

Defining Programming Directions and Priorities With Respect to Water Quality and Row Crop Production
Carlson, B. M.

Does Hay Sample Analysis Reveal Forage Management Practices by Producers?
Han, K.J.; Twidwell, E.K.

Effect of Fungicide Application On Corn Yield
Flanary, W.; Crawford, J.J.W.

Evaluation of Fungicide Seed Treatments for Sweet Corn
Wohleb, C. H.

Evaluation of Soil Applied Gypsum on Soybean, Corn and Wheat Yields and Soil Quality on Poorly Drained, Clay Soils
Clevenger, W. B.; Islam, R.K.

Identifying the Factors Affecting Ohio Farmers Quality of Life
Windon, S. R.; Jepsen, S. D.; Scheer, S. D.

Is Natural Resource Policy an Appropriate Arena for Extension Programing?
Warren, W. A.

On-Farm Production of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus Inoculum in Compost and Vermiculite Mixtures: Results of On-Farm Demonstrations and Impact of Compost Microbiological Quality
Douds, D. D.; Chaiyasen, A.; Vasquez, L. R.; Wertheim, F. S.

Potential Impact of Washington State Alfalfa Variety Testing from 1990 to 2013
Norberg, S.

Recommendations for Extension Professionals and Volunteers Regarding Individuals with Delusional Infestation
Kerr, S. R.; Bush, M. R.; Collman, S. J.; Glass, J. R.; Murray, T. A.; Pehling, D. J.

Sowing a Bountiful Harvest: The Methods of Cooperative Extension Service Promotion in Georgia, 1914-1924
Beasley, K.L.; Beasley, J.P., Jr.

Sting Nematode Reproduction and Effects on Root Weight in Tall Fescue Cultivars
Runsick, B.

Title Grazing Management Practices among West Virginia Beef Producers
Deborah A. Boone; Edward B. Rayburn; Harry N. Boone, Jr.; Jean M. Woloshuk; Marcus T. McCartney

When Science and Public Demand Are in Conflict: The Case of Wildlife Food Plots
McPeake, R. J.; Barry, J.; Walkingstick, T.

Volume 7, Issue 1

A Summative Evaluation of Nevadas Youth Range Camps Educational Program
Foster, S. S.; McAdoo, K.; Schultz, B.; Swanson, S.

Bilingual Workshops on a Systems Approach to Plant Disease Prevention in Oregon Nurseries
Santamaria, L.; Uribe, G.

Effects of On-Farm Management Practices on Round Bale Silage Fermentation
Shockey, W.L.; Loyd, B.M.; Rayburn, E.B.; Straight, A.M.

Evaluating the Potential of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi to Boost Yields in Field-Grown Leeks
Wertheim, F.; David Douds; David Handley; Mark Hutton

Evaluation Behaviors, Skills and Needs of Cooperative Extension Agricultural and Resource Management Field Faculty and Staff in New Jersey
Kluchinski, D.

Northeast Ohio Dairy Survey
Marrison, D. L.

Sorghum-Sudangrass for Feed and Fuel
Penrose, C.; Little, R.L.

Survey of Management Practices Used by West Virginia Farmers to Make Round Bale Silage
Straight, A.M.; Loyd, B.M.; Rayburn, E.B.; Shockey, W.L.

The Effect of Large Fire on Aspen Recruitment
Wilde, T. W.

Using Weekly Pasture Measurements to Estimate Growth and Utilization on Dairy Pastures in Oregon
Downing, T.; Seymour, J.

Volume 6, Issue 2

A Farmer Survey of Phosphorus Issues
Hoorman, J.J.; Curtis E. Young; Jefferson S. McCutcheon; Steven P. Prochaska; Willaim B. Clevenger

An NCR-SARE Cover Crop Project: Farmer-Cooperator Motivation And Agronomic Practices
Sackett, J. L.

Boundary Organizations: a New Framework for Understanding Agricultural Extension Work
Jones, J. G.

Capture and Control of an Old West Desperado: Broom Snakeweed
Keyes, J.D.; Banks. J; Ralphs, M; Ransom, C

Cumulative Forage Production in Monoculture and Additive Annual Ryegrass Mixes with Cereal Rye
Lemus, R.; Morrison, J.I; White, J.A.

Effect of AVAIL and Nutrisphere-N Application on Annual Ryegrass Production and Quality
Lemus, R.; Cox, M.; Crouse, K.; Morrison, J.I.; Varco, J.; White, J.A.

Effectiveness of Iron Chelate Molluscide Baits for Control of Gray Field Slugs (Deroceras reticulatum M.) in Grass and Clover Seed Crops in Oregon
Anderson, N.; Dreves, A.J.; Hoffman, G.D.

Evaluating Durability of Perennial Grass Cultivars for Equine Pastures
Sciarappa, W.; Bonos, S.; Hulme, B.; Meyer, W.; Mohr, M.

Factors Influencing 4-H Leader Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
Boone, D. A; Boone, H. N., Jr.; Payne, R.; Woloshuk, J. M.

Finishing Bison by Offering a Choice of Feeds and Room to Roam
Burritt, B.; Kossler, M,; Villalba, J.

Necessary Approaches to USDA Program Access and Outreach toward American Indians and other Minority Audiences
Emm, S.; Lewis, S.; Singletary, L

Nevada Beginning Farmer and Rancher Project Mentoring
Bishop, C.; Emm, S.; Landis, M.

Organizing Extension Fact Sheets Into A Comprehensive Gardening Publication
Wagner, K.; Olsen, S.

Volume 6, Issue 1

An Investigation of the Water Quality of Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Haberland, M.; Bakacs, M.; Yergeau, S.

Assessing Training and Information Needs for Pennsylvania Farmers Markets: Results from a 2011 Survey of Market Managers
Berry, John; Brian Moyer; Lydia Oberholtzer

Conventional Corn Grain Production vs. Corn Maze Production: Implications for Enterprise Budgeting
Schilling, B.; Bamka, W.; Komar, S.; Sullivan, K.

Development and Branding of Educational Programs to Meet the Needs of Small Acreage Owners in South Dakota
Hubert, M.; Bott, R.C.; Gates, R.N.; Nester, P.L.

Evaluation of Ryegrass Management on Growth and Performance of Growing Beef Heifers
Lemus, R.; Johnson, B.; Rivera, D.

Exploring Solutions to Pinyon and Juniper Expansion and Densification through Biomass Field Days
Nelson, M.; McAvoy, D.

Food Safety Issues Result in Changes for Junior Turkey Show and Sale
Sulser, A.; Haws. S.; Holmgren. L. N.; Proctor. D.

Herbicide Evaluation for Smutgrass Control Using the Weed Wiper Method
Lemus, R.; Davis, A; Mowdy, M.J

Implementing the Nevada Beginning Farmer and Rancher Project
Emm, S.; Bishop, C; Powell, P

Increasing Maine's Livestock Processing Capacity: Challenges and Opportunities
Jackson, T.L.

Managing the Family Forest Landowner Short Course: A Case Study in Mississippi
Gordon, J.; Kushla, J.; Londo, A.

Maryland Nutrient Management Training: Impacts Assessment
Dill, S.P.; Lazur, A.; McCoy, T.; Rhodes, J.L.

Meeting Horticulture Clientele Interests in an Urban Setting: A Needs Assessment for Reduced Pesticide and Pollinator Education in the Greater Salt Lake Area
Wagner, K.; Kuhns, M.

No-Till and Conventional Tillage Fallow Winter Wheat Production Comparison in the Dryland Cropping Region of Eastern Washington
Esser, A.D.; Jones, R.

No-till Corn Yield Comparisons Using Winter Peas/Oilseed Radish and Nitrogen Fertilizer
Hoorman, J.J.; Sundermeier, A.P.

Profile of Pennsylvania Equine Industry's Environmental Impact and Best Management Practices
Swinker, A.; Brubaker, M.; Burk, A.; Foulk, D.; Kniffen, D.; McKernan, H.; Parry, S.; Truax, S.; Worobey, S.

Profitability and Income Variability between Farm Land Rental Arrangements
Bruynis, C.L.

Residual Effects of Compost Applied to Sweet Corn Over Two Crop Seasons
Jackson, T.L.; Brinton, W.; Handley, D.T.; Hutchinson, M.; Hutton, M.

Vermont Horses vs. Twisted Tomatoes: A Compost Case Study
Greene, E.A.; Bott, R. C.; Giguere C.; Martinson, K. L.; Swinker, A. M.

Wildflowers of the Mountain West: Methodology of Writing a Field Guide for the Masses
Gunnell, J.; Anderson, R.M.; Goodspeed, J.L.

Volume 5, Issue 2

A Method for Teaching Farm Women to Write Business Plans in the United States
Carleo, J.; Brumfield, R. G.; Komar, S. J.; Lippet-Faczak, A.; Matthews, J.; Melendez, M.; Mickel, R.; O'Neill, B.; Polanin, N.

Assessing Landowner and Agency Benefits, Values and Concerns of the Minnesota Department of Transportation Living Snow Fence Incentive Program
Wyatt, G.J.; Current, D.; Gullickson, D.; Schroeder, S.; Smith, D.; Zamora, D.

Beef Camp Educates Youth Beef Producers About End Product Quality in Idaho
Baker, S.D.

Community-Scale Disconnection of Impervious Surfaces in Suburban New Jersey
Rector, P.; Obropta, C.C.; Pearson, B.

Controlling Curly Top of Tomato Using Resistant Varieties and Row Covers
Heflebower, R.; Reid, C.; Winward, D.

Developing Strategic Stakeholder Partnerships through the Ohio Governor's Residence and Heritage Garden Ambassador Program
Bennett, P.

Dryland Safflower Response to Dormant Seeding in Utah
Pace, M.G.; Creech, E.; Israelsen, C.

Flushing Ewes Improves The Number of Offspring in a Commercial Range Management Operation
Burritt, B.; McNeal, L.; Miller, R.; Villar, F.

Phosphorus and Potassium Availability from Dairy Compost in a High-Elevation, Dryland, Organic Alfalfa System
Hunter, L.A.; Falen, A.; Falen, C.L.; Kinder, C.A.; Moore, A.

Post-War Extension Education of Small Ruminant Farmers Of The Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Smith, J.O

Production practices and challenges with high tunnel systems in Maine
Fitzgerald, C.B.; Hutton, M.

Six Months in Social Media: the Life History of a Natural Resources Blog in New Jersey
Mangiafico, S.

Sustainable Living Educational Expo's Build Teamwork, Community Networks and Adoption of Sustainable Practices
Tyson, R.; Felter, E.; Kennington, M.S.; Mudge, D.; Pehlke, T.; Thralls, E.; White, C.

Timeline Detailing the Restructuring of a Dysfunctional Master Gardener Program in Salt Lake County
Wagner, K.

Trap Crops for Leaffooted Bug Management in Tomatoes
Majumdar, A.Z.; Akridge, R.; Becker, C.; Caylor, A.; Pitts, J.; Price, M.; Reeves, M.

Volume 5, Issue 1

Animal Disease Traceability Plan Evaluated Through 4-H Horse Program
Swinker, A.M.; Jedrzejewski, J.A.; McKernan, H.B.; Miller, R.C.; Werner, J.

Comparison of Soybean Row Spacing with Delayed Planting
Flanary, W.; Crawford, J.J.W.

Developing Project and Life Skills Through Animal Science 4-H Projects
Boone, D. A.; Boone, H. N.; Woloshuk, J. M.

Effect of Nitrogen Rate on No-till Corn Yield
Flanary, W.; Crawford, J.J.W.

Effectiveness of Livestock Testing in Increasing Participant Knowledge
Jensen, J.C.; Carter, D.M.,; Patterson, R.K.; Rothlisberger, D. F.; Smith, J.O.; Williams, S.R.

Gardening Extension in Rural Alaska
Rader, H. B.; Brown, S.C.; van Delden, K. L.

Improving Dry Detention Basins in New Jersey to Support Green Infrastructure Goals
Haberland, M.; Goodrow, S.; Magee, C.; Mangiafico, S.

Insect and Arachnid Population Diversity in Onion Companion Crop
Gourd, T.R.; Julian, J.J.

Renovating Irrigated Pastures Infested with Foxtail Barley in the Intermountain West: A Case Study
Kitchen, B.

Response of seedling and two-year old perennial pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium) plants to herbicide control.
Brad W. Schultz

Using IPM Techniques to Improve Cooperator Effectiveness to Mitigate Damage Caused by Townsend Ground Squirrels
Nelson, M.; Frey, N.; Messmer, T.

Utah 4-H and FFA Relationship Dynamics
Sulser, A.; Greenhalgh. L.; Parent. V.; Sagers. S.

Volume 4, Issue 2

A Lawn Care Education Program to Address Water Conservation and Water Pollution Prevention in New Jersey
Mangiafico, S.S.; Obropta, C.C.; Rossi-Griffin, E.

Agriculture Celebrated in Lemhi, Custer and Butte Counties
Williams, S.K.; Baker, S.D.; Cheyney, C.; Hoffman, K.J.

Cows and Creeks Workshops Lead to Natural Resource Improvements Through Collaborative Extension Programming in Eastern Oregon
Parsons, C.T.; Deboodt, T.L.; Riggs, B.A.

Crop Yield and Water Infiltration Response to Gypsum Applications
Flanary, W.E.; Chapple, R.W.; Crawford, J.J.W.

Differential Herbicide Effectiveness on Adjacent Populations of Young (Seedling) And Mature Perennial Pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium)
Brad W. Schultz

Effect Of 30-Second Dry Ice and 20-Second Liquid Nitrogen On Beef Cattle Freeze Branding
Wilson, T.W.; Dollar, M.A.; Worley, P.C.

Evaluation of Information Transfer between Beef Producers and Extension Agents in West Virginia
Boone, D. A.; Boone, H. N.; Cullen, T. J.; Woloshuk, J. M.

Evolution of a Green Job Skills Program for Unemployed US Veterans
Rowe, A.A.; Zientek, J.L.

Managing Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in Conservation Tillage Cotton
Kichler, J.M.; Culpepper, A.S.

National Perceptions and Management Styles of Extension Educators and Secondary Agricultural Education Instructors on the U.S. Department of Labors Tractor Certification Program
Jepsen, S.D.

Perceptions of Ethical Practices in Youth Livestock Shows
Boone, H. N.; Ankrom, S. J.; Boone, D. A.; Woloshuk, J. M.

Perceptions of West Virginia Beef Cattle Producers on Preparedness for an Agroterrorism Attack
Boone, H. N.; Boone, D. A.; Ours, R. L.; Woloshuk J. M.

Replicated Seedless Table Grape Cultivar Evaluation 2005-2010
Cantaluppi, C.J.

Student and Community Partnerships: A Recipe for Ag in the Classroom Success
Hecimovich, D. A.

The Effect of Top-dressed Lime on Soil pH Change
Flanary, W.E.; Chapple, R.W.; Crawford, J.J.W.

The Relative Physiology and Phenology Of Cucurbit Yellow Stunting Disorder Virus (CYSDV) In Desert Grown Muskmelon (Cucumis melo, var. reticulatus)
Kurt D. Nolte; John C. Palumbo; Stacey R. Bealmear

Utah State Junior Turkey Show and Auction
Pace, M.G.; Holmgren, L.N.

Whitefly Population Dynamics on the Interface of Uurban and Agricultural Areas in Yuma, Arizona
Bealmear, S.; Nolte, K.

Volume 4, Issue 1

Alternative Cover Crops, Performance and Planting Techniques
Nottingham, J.R.

Effect of Soil Amendments on Soil Enzyme Activities and Active Carbon on a Managed Douglas-Fir Forest Ecosystem
Angima, S.A.; Bouldin, J.L.; Green, V.G.; Woodruff, T.

Impact of Career Stage on Use of Web 2.0 Technologies by Agricultural and Natural Resource Management Extension Professionals in New Jersey
Kluchinski, D.; Kinsey, J.; Komar, S. J.; McDonnell, J.

Introducing the Concept of Prescribed Fire as a Natural Resource Management Tool in a Non-Traditional Burning Area of Texas
Scasta, J.D.; Hanselka, C.W.; Hart, C.R.

Land Use, Development, and Succession Concerns of the Ohio Grape and Wine Industry
Marrison, D.L.

Leasing County Owned Land for Urban Farming: Developing a Protocol
Olsen, S.H.; Peck-Dabling, J.

Managing Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth In Liberty Link Soybeans
Kichler, J.M.; Prostko, E.P.

Net House Vegetable Production: Pest Management Successes and Challenges
Majumdar, A.; Powell, M.

Short Paper Fiber Bedding for Equines
Coffin, D. R.

Still in the Game: Late-Planting And Cool Temperatures Doesn't Mean A Poor Potato Crop
Smeenk, J.; Martin, S.V.

The Effect Of RSVPs On Attendance Of Agriculture Producers At Extension Events
Wilde, T.

The Secrets of a Successful Extension Program: AZ/UT Range Livestock Workshop and Tour 33 years and Counting
Heaton, K; Grumbles, R.; Reid, C.R.

Using the Alaska Master Gardener Curriculum for Workforce Preparation at the Point MacKenzie Correctional Farm
Brown, S.C.; Smeenk, J.

Variation between Urban And Rural Farm Direct Market Customers
Coffin, D. R.; Cheng, HT

Volume 3, Issue 2

Determining Consumer Acceptance of Value-Added Meat Goat Products in New Jersey
Komar, S.J.; Mickel, R.

Ohio's Conservation Tillage & Technology Conference Keeps Growing
Hoorman, J.J.; Reeder, R.C.; Sundermeier, A.P.; Wilson, G.W.

Replicated Asparagus Cultivar Evaluation 2007-2010
Cantaluppi, C.J.

The Correlation of Ohio Certified Private Pesticide Applicators Pesticide Label Use to Reported Behaviors
Prochaska, S.C.

Use of Web 2.0 Technologies by Agricultural and Natural Resource Management Extension Professionals in New Jersey
Kluchinski, D.; Kinsey, J.; Komar, S. J.; McDonnell, J.

Volume 3, Issue 1

2010 Status of Precision Agriculture in Alaska
Brown, S.C.

An Extension Agent/Educator Guide to Consultations with Suburban/Urban Horse Owners
Greene, E.A.; Skelly, C.D.

Biology and Management of Perennial Pepperweed in a Riverine Environment

Center Pivot Irrigation and Fertilizer Use Evaluation
Nelson, R.M.; Hill, R.W.

Determining the Effectiveness of the Ohio Farm Transition Program
Marrison, D.L.; Breece, D.; Bruynis, C.; Gastier, M.; McCutcheon, J.; Ward, B.; Woodruff, J.; Zoller, C.

Developing an Electronic Newsletter for Extension Clientele
Holmgren, L.N.; Barnhill, J.; Pace, M.G.

Development of and Client Satisfaction at a New Community Garden
Beddes, T.B.; Steven, K.

Overholt, W.A.; Carlisle, B.; Diaz, R.; Fox, A.; Gary, L.; Hibbard, K.; Hight, S.; Hogue, P.; Kirby, C.; Medal, J.; Roda, A.; Stansly, P.; Walter, J.; Wiggins, L.

Drip Versus Sprinkler Irrigation In A 4-H Community Youth Garden
Stephen Sagers; Linden K. Greenhalgh

Effect of Common Mal-Practices in No-Till Corn Production Following Soybeans
Angimma, S.D.; Steinhardt, G.C.; Willoughby, G.

Establishing Statewide Uniformity within the South Carolina Master Gardener Program
Callahan, B.J.; Dobbins, T.R.; King, D.R.; Paige, W.D.; Wolak, F.J.

Experiential Learning Philosophy Applied to Extension
Sanders, C. B.

Forage Production and Animal Stocking Rates in Thinned Douglas-Fir Forests
Angima, S.D.; Green, S.; Reeb, J.

Scasta, J.D.

Nutrient Management with Cover Crops
Alan Sundermeier

Quantifying the Effect of Tree Species on Nutrient Pools in Lincoln County Oregon
Angima, S.; Downing, T.; Reeb, J.

Reported Environmental Use Behaviors of Ohio Certified Private Pesticide Applicators
Prochaska, S.C.

Patterson, R.K.,; Worwood, D.R.

Lentz, E.M.; Diedrick, K.A.; Dygert, C.E.; Henry, D.C.; Mullen, R.W.

Spatial Analysis of Precision Agriculture Data: Role for Extension
Griffin, T.W.; Dobbins, C.L.; Florax, R.J.G.M.; Lowenberg-DeBoer, J.M.; Vyn, T.J.

Success of a Radio-based IPM Campaign in North Dakota: A Report on Team Effectiveness, Program Costs and Campaign Outcomes
Majumdar, A.; Weinmann, T.

The Economics of On-Farm Dairy Methane Digesters on Vermont Dairy Farms
Rogers, G. F.

Windbreak Effect on Alfalfa Yield in Southwestern Utah
Reid, C.R.; Winward, D.L.

Volume 2, Issue 1

An Alternative Croping System with Economic and Environmental Merit
Prochaska, S.C.

Cultural and Preference Understanding to Develop Halal Niche Markets
Fisher, J.C.; Mangione, D.A.; Nye, L.A.; Stock, R.

Dairy Modernization Works for Family Farms
M.W. Mayer; D.W. Kammel

Demographics of the Northeast Ohio Grape & Wine Industry
Marrison, D.L.

Evaluating Structural Changes in Farm Cash Receipts: Lessons from Mississippi and the Mid-South
Albert E. Myles

Evaluation of Common Mal-Practices in No-Till Corn Production
Angima, S.D.; Steinhardt, G.C.; Willoughby, G.

Examining the Land Use, Development, and Succession Concerns of the Northeast Ohio Grape & Wine Industry
Marrison, D.L.

Northeast Ohio Wine Traveler Study
Marrison, D.L.

Optimizing Day Neutral Strawberry Growth
Lantz, W.D.; Frick, S.L.; Swartz, H.J.

Pay Equity Among Kansas Extension Agents
Alexander, P. A.; Brown, S.C.

Providing Web-Based Education on the New Farm Program
Johnson, S.D.

Stimulating Interest in and Adoption of Precision Agriculture Methods on Small Farm Operations
Yohn, C.W.; Basden, T.J.; Fullen, J. T.; Pena-Yewtukhiw, E. M.; Rayburn, E. B.

Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Response to Fall vs. Spring Manure Application
Wiederholt, R.J.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Barriers and Opportunities for Low Impact Development: Case Studies From Three Oregon Communities
Godwin, D.C.; Burris, F.A.; Chan, S.A.

North Georgia Apple Integrated Pest Management Program Improves Producers' Confidence
Wheeler, M.J.

Relative Feed Value and Crude Protein of Selected Cool and Warm Season Forages in Response to Varying Rates of Nitrogen
Angima, S.D.; Kallenbach, R.L.

2007 Arkansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program
Lawson, K.W.; Guiling, P.S.; Kelley, J.P.

Backyard Woodlot Owners: A Growing Issue and New Approach
Downing, A. K.; Finley, J. C.; Kays, J.S.

Developing a System to Track Nitrogen Cycling on Pasture-based Dairies
Downing, T.W.

Developing Beef Quality Assurance Materials for Youth
Holmgren, L.N.; Chapman, C. K.; Zobell, D.

Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Tree Growth of Selected Nursery and Landscape Trees.
Schuster , C.F.; Gill, S.A.

Factors Contributing to Employee Resignation (Perceived & Actual) Among Georgia Cooperative Extension Agents
Skaggs, W. D.

Fiber Digestibility in Ryegrasses
Downing, T.W.; French, P.

Garden Tillage and Soil Compaction
Mitchell, C.C.; Caylor, A.; Elkins, C.B.; Pinkston, C.B.

Managing Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in Roundup Ready Soybeans
Kichler, J.M.; Prostko, E.P.

Monitoring the Natural Fall of Varroa Mites in Honeybee Colonies with the Use of Sticky Boards in Clay County, West Virginia
Friend, D.P.; Shamblin, M.D.

Nitrate and Water Use Efficiency in Onion Production Under Drip and Furrow Irrigation
Reddy, S.; Klauzer, J.; Neufeld, J.

Ohio Vineyard Labor and Management Survey
Marrison, D. L.; Brown, M.V.

Phosphorus for Blooming Plants
Mitchell, C.C.; Pinkston, C.B.; Wheeler, E.J.

Soil Quality Comparison of Organic and Conventional Farming Systems in Northwest
Sundermeier, A.P.

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